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As a business, you want to spend as little time and money as possible to get back as much revenue as possible. To help individuals who may struggle with this aspect of business, a great deal of help exists in downloadable applications and computer software. IPayroll was the first payroll add-on at Xero’s inception and the partnership has grown stronger over the years. CloudPayroll and iPayroll are listed apps that can be part your ‘ecosystem’ to assist your clients with all their individual needs and requirements. Xero integrates with Zapier allowing you to connect any other tool that works with Zapier and build your own custom integration. Then, as you work in Expensify, finished reports are auto-synced back to Xero.

Does Xero have an API?

Xero Functionality

The API can be used with all Xero plans, but not all features will necessarily be available. Payroll API requires a Payroll plan. Cashbook and Ledger plans exclude certain features (e.g. invoicing) but can still be connected to via the API.

Pricing is not publicly available for either product, though the integrations are free and available through the Xero App Store. EzzyBills plans start at $69 per month, but there is no cost to use the integration itself. Amaka’s is free of charge, irrespective of how sophisticated the integration between Square and Xero for you, or how many transactions are processed. PayPal has a direct integration with Xero, built by PayPal itself. This is a paid integration, and costs $50 per month, or $510 a year when paid annually.


When synced with Xero, Bill.com streamlines payments processing by logging all of the money you are owed and all of the money you owe. The store offers a wide array of apps that can assists you in various business aspects. Using various apps together will provide an amazing array of tools for you to use.

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Other integrated features include invoice payments, credit notes, coupons, discounts, and gift certificates. Xero doesn’t have a direct integration with BigCommerce, but there are a number of third-party suppliers that connect these two platforms. If you’re using Shopify to sell goods online, you can connect your site to Xero using Xero’s self-built Shopify integration.

The 33 Best Xero Add-ons and Integrations

Some of them are direct integrations with eCommerce website platforms, while others like A2X and Synder are more about revenue management and payments reconciliation. This is a little trickier than your typical Xero integration, but it does mean that your connection is entirely custom, and once you’re set-up, you’ll be saving tons of time in manual data entry. Zoho is a multi-product SaaS business, with many cloud-based platforms focused on sales, marketing, project management, IT, HR, and finance.

  • Track of all your cryptorelated finances and understand sources of revenue, losses, and expenses.
  • If you have multiple employees or are feeling overwhelmed, Tradify helps its users by keeping track of their customers and their employees for them.
  • This integration is a Xero staff pick with many positive reviews in the Xero App Store and is built by the team at DEAR Inventory.

As these are all official apps from Xero, there is no problem with the Xero integration of these add-ons. The feature of integrating Bill.com with Xero appears in the apps menu, making installing it extremely simple. There are hundreds of “officially approved” apps that Xero endorses on their app store. Even though “keeping records” sounds pretty straightforward, most business owners still either don’t know or don’t bother to keep accurate records of expenses and income for tax and other purposes. Xero and affiliated companies built many add-ons from scratch to improving the app’s capabilities, including Xero Projects and Xero Practice Manager. A new, smarter way for companies to recover overdue invoices and debt, without compromising their relationships.

Chargebee + Xero Integration: Accounting Automation for Subscriptions on Steroids

This gives every team in the business a clear view into customers transactions – a critical strategic input. This is beyond the native roster of products Xero has in its flywheel to support multiple accounting use-cases within a business. It further assists your businesses by providing management tools for employee time tracking, contract management, document storage, time off request approval, and more. Integrating your project management software with Xero ensures data is synced across both platforms, making it easier to ensure invoices are paid and projects are completed without delay. Xero connects with thousands of banks, letting you handle the bills and expenses of your business management. Keep track of your financial information and controlling the flow of the marketing process.

How do I integrate apps with Xero?

  1. Log in to your Xero organisation.
  2. Click the organisation name, then select App Store.
  3. Find and select the app you want to connect, then click Xero Sign in or Get this app.
  4. Follow the prompts to log in using your Xero details, create a trial account, select the plan you want and enter your payment details.

It’s a comprehensive and hence feature-intensive product, meaning any integrations will also have to be meticulous. Connecting your CRM to Xero is crucial for ensuring both systems are kept updated with current information and for getting invoices to the right people. Since Chargebee funnels invoice/transaction data directly into Xero, filing taxes (for UK, NZ, Australia, and India) can be done from within the Xero app. Bank statements will automatically be imported to Xero for easy reconciliation.

Many apps and add-ons bear the Xero logo and are officially endorsed. The main goal of this integration is to sync employee timesheets to Xero for easy reconciliation and payroll management. For instance, within the Deputy mobile app or Kiosk (a place where employees can use the software to sign in), you simply push the timesheets you’ve collected over to Xero, and you’ll see them there instantly.

  • The Xero add-on for Synergy removes the need for double entry of finance and accounting.
  • Futrli’s Xero integration here is essentially a data grab to help provide more accurate insights.
  • That means that when you receive a physical invoice or receipt, you can use the EzzyBills mobile app to scan and digitize the document for easy, automated bookkeeping.
  • This is a little trickier than your typical Xero integration, but it does mean that your connection is entirely custom, and once you’re set-up, you’ll be saving tons of time in manual data entry.
  • A2X is a software platform that helps eCommerce business owners automate accounting functions and connect with apps like Xero and Quickbooks.

Your team also has access to the system and will have a much easier time with their timesheets and timecards easily available. Vend’s strengths are inventory management, reporting, and customer engagement tools. The employee directory gives managers an overview of all employees and includes information on time off, contact details, payroll details, and bank details. The cloud-based platform allows employees to access a Gusto account to view their timesheets, paycheck stubs, tax documents, and more. This aspect of the app allows you to keep track of bills and payments that are still in transit, your fluid currency. Bill.com is so free that you can find the point of sale if you want.

The Mailchimp integration for Xero is all about contact management. It’s a simple one-way data integration, with changes in Xero being reflected in https://bookkeeping-reviews.com/ your Mailchimp customer database. The CRM (customer relationship management) platform is often the centerpiece of an organization’s tech stack.

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With Stripe, you can attach pay now buttons or autopay for recurring payments, helping you get paid much faster. With help from Spotlight, you should be able to seamlessly integrates with Xero letting members of your businesses import budget details from integrations with Xero via the click of a button. Spotlight gives accountants the tools to discuss the most recent business and accounting information with their clients. You can connect Vend with Xero and let the software handle the situation for you with Xero integration. Your data is encrypted and saved on the cloud, ensuring your privacy and the safety of your bank information.

Xero Integrations and add ons for your business

All of these integrations make it simple to automatically sync billing and expense data over to Xero. A2X’s integration automatically posts settlement summaries to Xero, mapping income and expenses directly and making reconciliation easy. The Salesforce integration for Xero is built by Breadwinner, a company that specializes specifically in integrating the two tools (as well as other accounting platforms like QuickBooks and NetSuite). You’ll be able to automatically app marketplace xero sync Xero invoices, credit notes, payments, refunds, and taxes (with correct tax rates), eliminating manual work and the possibility of human error. In this article, we’re going to look at 23 of the most powerful Xero integrations (for various use-cases) and add-ons that will supercharge business operations and save several hours in data entry. EPOS syncing means connecting key business operations through a single, easy-to-use software system.

  • You’ll be able to Email bills and receipts straight into your Hubdoc organization.
  • DEAR Inventory is one of many software tools offered by DEAR, a one-stop platform for ERP (enterprise resource planning), accounting, purchasing, sales, and inventory management.
  • It’s a comprehensive and hence feature-intensive product, meaning any integrations will also have to be meticulous.

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